Kris – Punch Lyrics

Lyrics If Punch By Kris

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Niphkeys the baddest producer*l
Kris, Waaah

[Verse 1]
This one is for the real ones
At a little age, started making millions
This one is for the real GEES
Young ass niggers with the big dreams
This one is for my family 
My friends and my fans, you’re a part of me
This is for my people back in IB
And those that rep me on twitter and IG
As a king, and as one of the finest
Common grab a cup and join in the ROYAL HIGHNESS
Where dem haters at? why the sudden silence
They cant say shit because hard work define us
I bear with my haters compensate them with a thropy 
Tried to stick wif em now the cloud is getting puffy
Thunder strike all of them, I go mid-field
Baba God’s got my back, hin dey give shield  

Grown man in a young body
Step into the club on a friday
If diz chic came with somebody 
Then whats she looking for beside me?
Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch
Never seen a motherf***r like me
Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch
Never seen another nigger like me

[Verse 2]
I’m a gentleman, ion like to brag
But the boys so fresh even my shadow’s got swag
So many chicks all thanks to the radio
As i dey sing, dey dey fall… wall of jericho
I rap (yeah), am a rap artist 
Asking if i sell drugs, am not a pharmasist 
Police say we no dey fear them, wah for
They go still serve us drinks or wah are cops for
I like girls gaan, just like solomon the king
The only difference be say I dey rap, he dey sing
it get this chic weh I sight from afar
I turned her to a l

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